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Why Massage Therapy?

The body and mind get so much from a great massage and the benefit of touch is beyond measure to the human spirit!

Prenatal & Postnatal

Specialized, gentle techniques help relieve back strain, nerve pain, reduce swelling and help to regulate hormones. Massage also aids in the release of oxytosin which helps with baby bonding and nursing.

Injury & Sports Recovery

Deep massage causes pores in tissue membranes to open enabling fluids and nutrients through, to help remove waste products and encourage the muscles to take up oxygen and nutrients. Massage eases inflammation, improves blood flow and reduces muscle tightness.

Overall Wellness

Releasing the fascia and unwinding the body helps reduce stress on the spine as well as increase overall mobility and function. Massage also encourages circulation, improving both the lymphatic system and immune system.

Stress & Anxiety

The mind and emotional self communicate with and through the body. Somatic emotional release can expel trapped anger, fear, trauma and tension. The calming, relaxing effects of massage can bring you back to yourself, grounded and in synchrony.

From our clients

I would absolutely recommend Healing Factor,

Mary really listens to what you and your muscles have to say. She really is a muscle whisperer, she has the gift of magic hands and knows her stuff!

-Chris R.

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